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Boston, Massachusetts
Rhode Island, New England

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Friday, May 4 2018

Departed from Bermuda to Boston, Massachusetts onto Rhode Island, New England.   The flight over was a very pleasant flight.  It was like a new adventure, as I had not travelled in over 8 years.   Everything appeared to look different in eight years.   The plane interior for one.  The plane digital for example I don't recall being on a flight and the seat in front had all the digital right on the seat.  I remember it being in the isle on a screen look projector.  God, I must be left behind😊.

I am traveling with family and friends going to New England Tech Graduation Ceremony which will be held on Sunday, May 6 2018.  My daughter will be Graduating with her RN in Nursing which we are all very proud of her along with all the graduates from Bermuda and every Graduate.  Congratulations to you all.
We all embarked from Logan Airport on Friday but decided we would stay a little while downtown Boston before coming to Rhode Island.  Well, it's been over 12 years since I have been in an overseas shopping environment.  Boy, was that a new experience too.  The only store we got to was Primark which slogan is "Amazing Fashion, Amazing Prices".  I couldn't believe it I was able to purchase 3 casual tops and a package of socks for under $17.00.  They are not only reasonable but fashionable for everyday casual wear.  Some may say  girl you are cheap, but when you don't have a job and others supporting you have to tighting up rather than be begging and getting on people's nerves.  I now know what my son and daughter would feel like now when they were very young they see everything when they travelled while shopping and I had to put my foot down and say you can't buy it all.😀  Looks like it's biting my tail, meaning like what you sow is what you reap.  "You can't buy it all".😂 You know how it is, you want one for everyday in a different color.
We didn't get into Rhode Isle and settled in our Radisson Hotel until late Bermuda time about almost midnight and it's was way pass my bed time.☺  Everyone else went out at that time but I didn't want to over do it being it's been over 8 years since I last travelled.  I had a pleasant sleep.  Thank You.

Thank you family, friends, Bermuda Airport, Delta, Car Rentals, Radisson, Boston area, New England area etc. for a pleasant day.
Recipe Marketing readers.  My apologies for a little bit of difference in reading and blog posting  this week while on vacation.

Items of under $17.00.

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Worked on this blog post coming soon while on the flight.
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